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Total Hip Replacement Surgery

A total hip replacement (THR) surgery is a medical procedure performed to replace the worn-out hip joint/s in individuals who:

  • have moderate to severe arthritis (ie. osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic arthritis, etc); 
  • a failed hardware (from a previous surgery);
  • who have moderate to severe functional impairments due to their worn-out or damaged hip joint/s. 

Most THR surgeries are performed unilaterally (one-sided).  Depending on the surgical approach that your surgeon will choose to perform (ie. anterior approach vs postero-lateral approach), there may some post-op hip precautions that may be prescribed to you to follow for the next 3 months post-surgery.

In Ontario, most uncomplicated THRs will usually have a 0-2 days length of stay in the hospital prior to being discharged home.  Most THR patients are eligible for the Hip and Knee Bundle Program* post-hospital discharge.

*Ask your surgeon/ most-responsible physician for more information on how to be referred to the Hip and Knee Bundle Program available in your area.

Total Hip Replacement (THR)

 Pre-Op Virtual Sessions

We offer one-on-one virtual THR pre-op sessions (one hour) to individuals who prefer to receive their pre-op education session with a registered physiotherapist. 


Our THR Virtual Pre-Op session rate includes:

1)  a complementary THR Pre-Op Education booklet (available in paper format OR online version);

2) a 1-hour virtual education session session with a registered physiotherapist (you will have an opportunity to address your questions/ concerns regarding your upcoming THR surgery).

We highly recommend that you plan to have your THR Pre-Op Virtual Session with us about 1-1.5 weeks prior to your scheduled surgery.  We accept booking appointments as early as 1 month prior to your preferred THR Pre-Op Virtual Session date.


Our THR Pre-Op Virtual Session Rate

We currently have a flat rate for our THR Pre-Op Virtual Education Session:

Virtual Pre-Op Session** 

(1 hour)


(Select "VIEW CLASSES" when booking 

your appointment.)​​

**A cancellation fee of $25.00 will apply if: 1) you do not attend on your scheduled appointment date and time; and/ or, 2) you cancel your booked appointment 1 day before your pre-scheduled appointment.  In this case, a refund will be issued to you, minus the cancellation fee, if you have purchased your Pre-Op Virtual Session in advance.

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