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"Your care matters to us"

This is what drives us everyday.. to deliver services that matters most to our clients.  

We currently offer the following services:

Private In-home Physiotherapy services

We also offer virtual physiotherapy consultations, either via phone, or other video platforms (ie. Google Meet, MS Teams, etc), for clients who are not comfortable with in-person/ in-home visits.While Ontario offers some support for publicly-funded in-home physiotherapy services, to some, it is not enough.  

We recognize that to other clients, private in-home physiotherapy services is the way to go to compliment what our provincial health care is currently providing.  

To learn more about our private in-home physiotherapy services:

Private One-on-One Pre-Op Virtual Education Sessions

We offer virtual one-on-one pre-op (operation) sessions for individuals who have a scheduled total knee replacement (TKR) and/ or total hip replacement (THR).  

This is ideal for individuals who:

  • prefer to have a one-on-one, interactive session with a physiotherapist to address their concerns and uncertainties about their upcoming surgery;
  • feel they need more further support/ education regarding their elective surgery.

Essential Needs Delivery Services

(ENDS) Program

We provide essential needs shopping and delivery services to our seniors who are either frail, unable and unsafe to go out of their house, and/ or who are uncomfortable to get out in the community due to COVID-19.  

We offer reasonable rates and plans to suit your needs. 

Our services can also be given as a gift to yourself or to a loved one who needs it most.  (eGift Cards are also available.)


As our way of #payingitforward , we are helping other community health care professionals get clientele and social media exposure by means of featuring them on our website.  

Click on Our Featured Professional tab for more info.

**If you or  you know someone who would benefit from this, click here.​

*Disclaimer:  York Mobility Rehab Plus (YMRP) is not in anyway associated with any of these services/ health professionals.  Our featured health professionals are all independent contractors:  YMRP will not be held responsible for any services provided by the independent contractors.  YMRP collects no fee in this posting.  YMRP also reserves the right to cancel this posting at any given time.

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